Sunday, August 28, 2011

BoomBaptist-The Creamixes (2011)

In preparation for my first ever West Coast tour under the BoomBaptist moniker, I've decided to give away some of my favorite remixes I have produced over the last year. Feel free to download them, repost them, remix them, blog them, etc. Please be on the look out for my official Guilty Simpson remix, on Fat Beats and my split 7" with Dibiase on Mummed records. I truly appreciate all the continued support and hope you can enjoy the music.


BoomBaptist-The Creamixes (2011)



2011 West Coast Tour:

8/25 (Thursday): Supporting Mono/Poly w/ Applied Pressure Beauty Bar 
617 East 7th Street 
Austin, TX 78701 

8/30 (Tuesday): BoomBaptist w/dirtRaid at Beat Cinema Hip Kitty
502 W. First St.
Claremont, CA

8/31 (Wednesday): BoomBaptist w/ Salva & Free The Robots at Low End Theory Airliner
2419 North Broadway
Los Angeles, California

9/3 (Saturday): BoomBaptist w/ Dibiase at Resonate Matinee
1825 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA

9/6 (Tuesday): BoomBaptist w/ Xperiment, Calvin Valentine, Dave Notti, Trox Beauty Bar
111 Southwest Ash Street 
Portland, OR

9/7 (Wednesday) Supporting Devonwho & B. Bravo w/ Applied Pressure Barcelona
209 East 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701

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